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Prayers for September 2023

 Prayers for September 2023

Prayers for September 2023

September has a special significance. It marks the beginning of autumn, the return to work for those on vacation, and for parents and children, the return to school. All these important facts show the need to commit the month into the Lord's hands, right from the start. 

"Commit thy way unto the LORD; Trust also in him; And he shall bring it to pass."Psalm 37:5 KJV

Here's my prayer at the beginning of the month.

Prayers of thanksgiving

Lord, on this day I come to say thank you for all you do for me. I recognize that even when things aren't going well, You're always with me and my loved ones. I thank you because you have allowed us to be alive during this month of September 2023. I thank you for keeping us and preserving us all this time. May the Glory be yours and yours alone, in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Prayer for family and loved ones

Lord, during this month of Strptenbre, I entrust my life to you, as well as that of my family and loved ones. You are a protective God who watches over His children, and I ask You to watch over each one of us. May Your grace and goodness not depart from us during this month, and may there be no one among us who might present a problem or a cause for sorrow. May tears and difficulties be far from us, and may Your grace be upon us in abomination all the days of this month, and after this month in Jesus' name.

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Lord, only You know the hearts and minds of both men and women. I pray that you will bless every member of my family and friends. May those who are not close to You become so in Jesus' name. May all those who int besoj to recognize You learn to know You more intimately in Jesus' name. May all those who have not yet converted give You their lives in Jesus' name. May each of the problems that each person may present, Lord, I pray that You may help them to resolve them in the name of Jesus Christ. I have faith in You Lord, and I know that You are the Doeu wui do beyond what we think and ask, and I believe that this month will be a different month for my family and friends in Jesus name.

Prayer for children and the new school year

Lord, I entrust all our children to you with the start of the new school year. I pray that you will protect them, for there is no better protector than you. Whatever dangers they may face, may you spare them in Jesus' name.

I pray that all our children will be intelligent and wise, that they will be different and that they will be able to stand out in each of their classes. May they be bright and attract the attention of other children and teachers, so that they may come to know you in Jesus' name.

Prayer for health

Father, I pray for all my loved ones who are ill, as well as for all the sick people in homes and hospitals. Let your healing anointing descend upon them to bring them healing and peace, Lord, and through this, may those who didn't know you come to know you in Jesus Christ's name. 

Prayer for work and business

Father, I entrust my work and/or business to you. Your word declares that I must prosper in all respects as the state of my soul prospers. Help me to prosper in all respects. Grant me the intelligence to work productively, and produce excellent, satisfying results. Help me to always bring something extra to my workplace, and that, as Your Word declares, I may truly be the light of my company in Jesus' name.

Lord, I also pray for my co-workers. May Your grace be upon them so that those who didn't know You may come to know You. May Your mercy be upon them so that You may forgive their faults and help them relate to You. Lord, I also pray that You may give them the wisdom they need so that we can all work in harmony, with love and productivity. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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