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Whipped peanut butter: A heavenly delight for you and your children

 Whipped peanut butter: A heavenly delight for you and your children

Whipped peanut butter

Hello parents and caregivers! I'd like to tell you about something particularly delicious, which is also a great option for your children's culinary adventures: "whipped peanut butter". A delicious recipe to make with just a few ingredients, to transform your ordinary peanut butter into whipped peanut butter, to the delight of your little ones' taste buds! My kids love this recipe, so don't hesitate to give it a try. 

The magic of whipped peanut butter

Whipped peanut butter

Imagine your usual peanut butter transformed into light, super-creamy peanut butter! And yes, that's what whipped peanut butter is all about! A cloud of nutty goodness that your kids' taste buds will love! Your kids will enjoy a delicious culinary journey, and so will you! In any case, I love them!

The recipe is really great and allows you to adjust the taste of sugar and salt. Adults can eat them spread on toast or crackers, or as a dip for fruit. This recipe for peanut butter foutee will take you no time at all. 

Why you and your children will love whipped peanut butter 

Whipped peanut butter

Firstly, because children need to explore different textures as their diet evolves.

 Whipped peanut butter has a texture that's neither too thick nor too thin, just right for toddlers' mouths.

You can add it to your baby's oatmeal, spread a wedge on slices of bread without tearing them, or spread it on crackers. 

And what's more, whipped peanut butter contains all the goodness of peanuts, which means protein, for better health!

Here's my recipe for whipped peanut butter, which you're sure to love!

How to make whipped peanut butter: easy-easy

Whipped peanut butter

So, you don't need to be a master chef to make it. It's a very simple recipe. The secret of its success lies in mixing it in such a way that tiny air bubbles are trapped, making it fluffy.


For my whipped peanut butter recipe, I use: 

- Peanut butter: I generally choose a smooth peanut butter, but you can also choose a crunchy one.

- Powdered sugar: sugar softens the whipped peanut butter. If your baby is over a year old, you can use honey.

- Thick cream: for a smooth consistency of whipped peanut butter. 

- Vanilla extract: for a smoother peanut butter. But this is not compulsory.

 The addition of vanilla extract brings a subtle warmth and sweetness that complements the peanut butter.

- Pinch of salt: to balance out the sweetness, but you don't add salt before your baby is 1 year old.

How to make whipped peanut butter 

I usually start by measuring the amount of peanut butter I need to whip, depending on how much whipped peanut butter I want. Bear in mind that when the air is incorporated, the peanut butter will expand. So I'd advise you to take a smaller quantity than you'd like to have.

Then add a tablespoon of sugar to enhance the flavor of your whipped peanut butter.

Add a pinch of salt to the mixture to balance the flavours.

Don't overdo it - a little goes a long way.

 Next comes the dh foeut stage. You can choose a whisk or a hand mixer, which will be more efficient. As for me, I use a whisk and start foeutting at low speed, then gradually increase the speed.

Then the magic happens! The more you whisk, the more you'll notice the transformation of your peanut butter. It becomes clearer, and its texture softer. 

Gradually add the thick cream and whisk the mixture, to obtain an even creamier texture. 

Whisking traps air and creates a creamier texture.

Once you've reached the desired texture, you can stop whisking. Adjust the sweetness to your liking.

 Transfer your whipped peanut butter to a container with a closed lid. You can store it in the fridge.


Variations on whipped peanut butter

Now that you've mastered the art of making whipped peanut butter, here are a few variations you're sure to enjoy. I promise you, you'll love it!

Whipped Peanut butter with a hint of chocolate

Chocolate lovers, this variation is for you. Follow the peanut butter recipe, then add a step: melt a small amount of chocolate and add it delicately to your recipe. Be careful not to introduce chocolate to your baby too early, and wait until he can tolerate it before making this variation. But you can make it yourself.

- Whipped peanut butter with butter and nuts: add a drizzle of honey to your whipped peanut butter, and why not almonds or cashews for extra crunch.

- Coconut bliss whipped peanut butter: add a tablespoon of coconut milk or coconut cream to your whipped peanut butter before whipping. You'll get a coconut moix peanut butter.

I use this variation to top smoothie bowls, rice cakes, or even stir it into your morning oats, for a touch of heaven in every bite.

Voila! So enjoy!


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